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Residential Leasing

With a rapidly moving Property Market locating the most optimal property according to your preferences and financial standpoint can be a challenge. Whether You are relocating within or moving to Hong Kong our aim is to provide You with a sufficient selection of property and information for you to make an informed decision.  With our experience of the Hong Kong Property Market and our close relationships with other service providers and landlords in Hong Kong we are confident in vouching for a smooth experience.

Residential Sales

In the process of selling your property there are many factors to consider and by partnering up with the Team at House Hunters Ltd., we assist you with everything from an appraisal of the property to advice on presentation and marketing.  We offer a variety of marketing channels to ensure that your property is visible and available to potential buyers to the furthest extent. 

Corporate Services 

We provide a partnership to many international companies when dealing with the relocation of their most valuable resources - their staff. and their families.  

We supply a tailor-made approach to ensure the transitions runs as smoothly as possible - for we know well from our own experiences that the first impression and the ease of settling in is crucial for any successful relocation.  

Orientation, pre-move assistance, Immigration, School searches and cultural introduction are all services available and very appreciated. 

Commercial Leasing and Sales

In the business of leasing or selling Commercial property there are many aspects to reflect upon. Whether you have a clear idea of location or You are in need of a additional information to ensure a strategic decision - allow us to apply our experience and in-sight in the market to work to your benefit

Investment Properties

When aspiring to purchase property for the purpose of an investment, it is crucial to have a clear comprehension of the current market and the prospects in the near and distant future.  Contact us for an initial discussion to examine how we can support You in Your enterprise.


For any questions please do not hesitate to contact us through the online enquiry, e-mail us at info@househunters.com.hk or call us directly on (+852) 2869 1001