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Reviewed By Richard Goldman
on June 2017

Having just moved from New York, we were concerned that we would have difficulty finding the right neighborhood and apartment.
Yan and Sabrina did an amazing job showing us the options that matched what we wanted. They were patient and knowledgable.
They listened to our feedback and adjusted the search until we found a place we love. Then they were great in helping us deal with the details of closing on the rental and getting our utilities. They went out of their way to make the process as easy as possible for us….far easier than we feared. We highly recommend House Hunters and these two great women.

Reviewed By Michael Hagen
on 2016

I’m an expat living in Hong Kong. When I was looking to find an apartment I didn’t know where to start and I met a lot of agents showing me different options, none of which were within the wish-list I gave them.

The agent at House Hunters listened to what I needed and made a great effort in taking me to different viewings (all relevant for me), and guided me professionally through the whole process. I didn’t find any reason to contact any other agents. It felt that they really cared about me and I can really recommend House Hunters, especially for newcomers in Hong Kong.

Reviewed By Ella Topic
on 2016

House Hunters were our agency when me and my fiancé were looking for a an apartment. I've used them twice and I have only good experience from their services and the agents were extremely professional and accommodating our needs and listening to our preferences. They would never try to convince us to budge and they were really coherent about our needs and desires.

Having a really busy schedule they were really flexible and able to assist us, while being flexible to our needs and adjusting to our schedule to better suit our time availabilities, they even offered to transport us to all those different locations for viewing the apartments. As for communication- they were always flexible and if they were not able to answer a phone call they would email straightaway saying that they were busy, otherwise they were almost always available at hand and really going out of their way to assist us and make sure we were satisfied!

Like I've said before I have only good things to say about House Hunters and even after we sign for the apartment they were still available to assist us if we needed to fix anything with the apartment or in regards to our landlord. If you are looking to have a safe, well communicated, attended to your needs and really professional agency- this is it.

Reviewed By Stephane Fauconnier
on 2016

We are very pleased with the service brought from the Househunters team, who provided tailor-made service to us throughout the entire house hunting process. Not only they demonstrated deep understand on our preference of properties, but also proactively followed up with us to iron out details of securing a property. We couldn’t have found our current place, which we’re very happy about, without Maria’s help and her understanding on what do we like and dislike. Overall speaking we’re pleased with their commitment to us as a client through transparency, honesty and timeliness. We have already recommended Househunters to our friends in search of a flat, and will continue to do so.

Reviewed By Helmut Rebstock

Having been introduced by friends to Mrs. Lotta Bartosch at HouseHunters has been a very lucky event for us upon arriving in Hong Kong. The housing market is big and complex, and Lotta did make a huge difference for our search by first putting tremendous effort into truly understanding what we really like. Focus was always on finding something that is a perfect, long-term solution that really fits us, never mind how much it takes. The level of service and attention throughout the whole process was incredible and I can only highly recommend HouseHunters to anyone looking for THEIR PLACE in Hong Kong.

Helmut Rebstock

Reviewed By Phil Chetwynd
on 2010

I would like to thank both of you for ensuring the rental of our new flat at The Manhattan and the leasing of our apartment in Babington Path went so smoothly. I have used many Property Agents in Hong Kong over the past 12 years and I have never experienced the kind of efficiency and service displayed by House Hunters. The normally stressful experience of moving house was strangely absent.

Phil Chetwynd